Panelists Predictions Australian Open Women’s Final: Venus Williams vs Serena Williams


The final is here, and it will be an all-Williams affair. Who will win? Our panelists are here to predict this family matchup for the Australian Open title. Today’s panelists are myself (Yesh Ginsburg) and editor Steen Kirby, along with writers John Lupo, Jeff Crady, and Ryan Schick.

Panelists Predictions Australian Open Women’s Final

Serena Williams vs Venus Williams

I am so tempted to predict Venus and the storybook ending here. It’s what everyone wants to happen. She’s 36. She has Sj√∂gren’s syndrome, which some thought would end her days of playing at a competitive level. She hasn’t won a Grand Slam in close to a decade (2008 Wimbledon). Everyone thought she was past the point of competing years ago. The utter joy that Venus showed at winning her semifinal match makes us want to see her win one more. Unfortunately, Serena is just too good right now. It’s hard to imagine anyone–even older sister Venus–challenging her. The only thing that can stop Serena right now is Serena. While that’s happened a bit in recent years, I’m not banking on it in the slightest.
Prediction: Serena in 2

In what has to be considered an unlikely final due to Venus’ presence, the Williams sisters will contest their 9th Grand Slam final. For Venus to have any chance, she needs to serve as well as she did against Coco Vandeweghe, especially on her second serve. Serena hasn’t been tested, with only Barbora Strycova testing her. Although everything points to a Serena win, I’ll say Venus has one final moment of glory to deny little sister #23.
Prediction: Venus in 3

A sibling pairing that has accomplished more in sports than any other pair of siblings. This should be a great match and most likely the final Slam final between them. Venus is a world class player, but on the fast courts of Melbourne Serena is at a clear advantage. She wants the World #1 back and should take this match.
Prediction: Serena in 2

Venus’ joy after defeating Vandeweghe will be one of those special moments that rings throughout the 2017 season. Venus has impressed with controlled serving and fierce approach shots followed by touch volleys at the net. Serena has looked like she is playing tennis on another planet; a planet with higher evolved life forms than us mere mortals on earth. High first serve percentage, low unforced errors. In what will be a hard story for tennis writers to beat all year, Serena continues her high level of play and wins in straight sets.
Prediction: Serena in 2

Serena has found her top form once again and has dominated on her way to a final and her quest for another major. Venus has had an impressive run herself and will always provide great competition to her sister, winning 11 of their 27 meetings. We are treated to another final between the Williams sisters and this time Serena will be too much for Venus to handle.
Prediction: Serena in 2

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