2014 Linz Finalist Camila Giorgi Falls in First Round.

Camila Giorgi loses in first round of WTA Linz 2016

There are many types of players that continue to evolve on both the ATP and WTA tour. Some players choose to work their way into a point and use their defensive capabilities to their advantage. Other players like to control points with their undeniable power. Italy’s Camila Giorgi is one of a kind in that respect.

On a good day, Giorgi is capable of beating the very best players in the world on a regular basis, but the problem with the Italian is that those good days don’t come around often enough. The intent and purpose she puts behind every tennis shot is admirable, but there comes a point where certain reforms have to be initiated in order for a player to understand the better shot selection during tough, difficult moments on a tennis court.

Camila Giorgi makes first round exit to Madison Keys

Today’s match against world #7 Madison Keys was an enticing match as the two hardest hitters on tour squared off against each other. Keys had previously lost to Camila Giorgi in a match in Fed Cup with a very one-sided scoreline. Today was a different story though.

The first set was a close encounter. Both tried to assert their dominance inside the baseline as both players perform best on the front foot. As soon as either are on the defensive they become much less effective. Taking charge of the baseline was of the greatest importance today.

The quality of the serving was not great throughout. Keys had the slight edge because she’s able to create greater variation on her serve. The American picked her spots in the service box. Not only can she serve powerfully but she also can make the ball jump up high, which is a nightmare for many opponents.

Camila Giorgi, who is renowned for accumulating a high number of double faults, served at a respectable level but the problematic feature reappeared when her power-game failed to hold up under pressure. Her opponent, Keys, used to suffer from the same limitations. Yet she has grown into a fabulous player that has managed to improve her consistency over the long, gruelling tennis season.

Serving and shot selection still Camila Giorgi’s flaws

One thing that has to be accepted for the Italian is that her match will consist of many highs and lows. She serves a first and second serve with the same direction and power, and plays with a high amount of risk. But one can argue that with the inclusion of additional margin and higher percentages she can become an even better player than she already is.

Deep into the second set Giorgi played a fabulously chipped defensive return which drew the error from Keys, who was not expecting such a shot from her. That followed with the Italian overpowering a Keys first serve, which was not the correct approach. Sometimes I think Camila Giorgi needs to respect the serve of her opponent and give them something to ponder. Today was a perfect example of that.

Many players are aware of the aggressive game of Camila Giorgi and they anticipate the unforced errors that begin to increase during a match. Giorgi’s dad and coach has to find a way to improve her tennis IQ when it matters most. However, he needs to not take away the game that has got her as high as #30 in the WTA rankings and guided her to five WTA finals in the process.

Giorgi had a break lead at 4-3 in the second set, but her game sustainability still leaves many questions unanswered. She was pegged back to 4-5 and, serving to stay in the match, her game completely fell apart. A number of double faults started to appear from out of the blue and she was continuing to go for shots that really were not realistic. Again, her shot selection is where she needs to improve the most because the very best players will not let you get away with playing the wrong ball time after time.

Camila Giorgi has undoubtable talent and has been a promising player for some time now. Whether she ends up fulfilling that talent still remains to be seen.

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  1. Not all first rounds are the same.
    To face Mona Barthel or Madison Keys makes some difference. This first round was frankly impossible for almost any player.


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