Some Cool Stuff that Happened in the 2016 Tennis Season


The 2016 tennis season is finally over so let’s see some beauties this great sport gave to us. Everyone remembers the big moments–who won Slams, major upsets, and big tournament wins. But what about all the other incredible moments that happen on court over the course of the year? Here’s a collection to refresh your memory. Enjoy!

Some Cool Stuff that Happened in the 2016 Tennis Season

Why so angry guys?

Surely not the longest attempt ever!

Weird retirement 6-0 up

Double faults 21+15

“Weird” retirements

Next question please

Epic WTA rally

Granoller’s insane luck during clay season

Racquet throws

Hindrance, oh yes it happened!

Magic shots by Dreddy

Second serves…that weren’t any good

Stones against players in Italy

Beautiful tanks

A beautiful story

You really can’t miss that, or maybe you can?

Umpire denying handshake to Putintseva

Magic shots!

Life on ITF Pro Circuit

Questionable outfits

Also umpires can make mistakes…and terrible ones

What about ballkids?

What was your favorite? An angry racket smash, a throw, a highlight-reel shot? Or maybe you most enjoyed seeing a player retire just to deny the opponent a golden set? There are so many to choose from because so much cool stuff happened in tennis in 2016.

Any moments that you think were worthy of inclusion that I missed? Add one in the comments.


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