Laura Robson Needs Abundance of Inner Strength to Overcome Woes


The Las Vegas shooting made a lot of people stop and think. However, for Melbourne, Australia born Brit Laura Robson the atrocity was real, as she was at the concert that day.

Laura Robson Grappling Demons Striving to Realise her Potential

This article is not about making excuses for yet-to-be realised potential on the pro circuit. Ever since winning the Wimbledon Juniors title at age 14, expectation has burdened this Brit’s shoulders. Now 24 years old, Robson has yet to better, or even come close to her junior achievement. Unable to play in the Australian Open this year due to her ranking not being high enough represented a career low for Robson.

Wild Card Reliance for Slam Entry Again

Robson cut a forlorn figure at a Wimbledon press conference last year. This presser came after losing to the consistent Beatriz Haddad Maia in straight sets. The former Wimbledon Junior champion was at pains to point out her sheer determination to improve her world ranking (currently #222). This would obviously remove reliance on wild cards. There was more than a hint of wounded pride in her voice at going down the wild card route.

Unfortunately, this year, a Wimbledon wild card represents her best chance at next lining up in a Slam. Even if it has to be through the qualifiers, a feat that Robson is more than capable of when injury free. Roll back to 2008, when the Brit turned professional. Thoughts then were about her winning a Slam, not merely gaining entry to one. Injury and the transition from being a big fish in the junior pond, to keeping afloat in the professional ocean, seems to have conspired against Laura Robson.

Keeping the Faith

Martina Navratilova summed up the frustration that Laura Robson & her followers must have felt. This was when the Czech legend expressed bemusement at the decision of Robson to play The French Open 2016, despite still recovering from a career threatening wrist injury. This demonstrates the Brit’s drive to realise her potential. The lines between pain barrier breaching bravery and foolhardiness are thinly drawn in the sport of tennis. Alas, Robson returned and promptly lost.

Doubles Form gives hope for Laura Robson Fans

In the doubles arena, Laura has shown that winning edge. In her last completed doubles tournament, partnered by Hungarian Fanny Stollar, they went on to capture the 25K Yokohama event after a mammoth three setter. They beat home favourites Momoko and Chihiro in the final and Robson looked confident and assured, again.

A Laura Robson in that sort of doubles form could have helped Britain in the recent Federation Cup play-off, whereby they lost the key doubles rubber in Japan. Previously a mainstay in the squad, Laura needs improvement in form to continue her valiant representation of her country.

In one recent return from injury: The ITF Japan 07 doubles 30th April 2018, Robson accompanied by Harriet Dart won a tense three set doubles thriller against Okamura/Inoue. The fight has not left Laura Robson. She should regain her Fed Cup place if only for the doubles next season.

Robson’s Agonizing Singles Absence

Robson was previously seen in singles action 13th March 2018, beating Dalmi Galfi in the 1st round of the ITF Japan 02. She then withdrew (suspected hip injury) and is nurturing herself back to a competitive level of fitness.

Perhaps her recent enforced break has allowed the Brit time to regroup, both mentally and physically. This will help her to ready herself for a decent grass court season. Who knows, possibly a career saving one? This could stop the increasing retirement conjecture. Laura Robson still has so much to give.

Laura Robson back in Action against Jang

Su Jeong Jang represented the welcome back to the singles committee on 2nd May 2018 in the ITF Japan 07. Being thankful for small mercies, Robson wasn’t didn’t withdraw mid-match like she did when the pair met last year. Jang’s fitness edge ensured the head-to-head tilted to 2-1 in her after winning 6-3, 6-4. The main thing is Laura Robson is fit and well again.

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