Laver Cup: Roger Federer And Novak Djokovic to Partner In Doubles

At the second-ever Laver Cup, it’s a first-ever pairing, as Roger Federer will partner with Novak Djokovic in doubles for an all-GOAT blockbuster.

Team Europe Captain Bjorn Borg revealed an aggressive opening strategy by putting this team in doubles for Day 1. They will face the Team World tandem of Jack Sock and Kevin Anderson.

Federer and Djokovic (Fedvak?) have 34 Grand Slam Singles Championships between them–Roger with 20, and Novak with 14, including the last two.

But neither guy has won any in doubles.

Jack Sock, on the other hand, is currently ranked #2 in doubles in the world, and has 4 Grand Slam Doubles Championships–three in men’s and one in mixed.

Team World Captain John McEnroe seemed surprised that Borg would go big with the double barrels so early in the event and asked him why he did it.

Borg coolly replied that Federer and Djokovic were eager to partner, so there was no reason to wait.

The unique format of Laver Cup takes the world’s best singles players and puts them in doubles. It’s a departure from Davis Cup and other team formats in tennis where doubles specialists are rostered on teams for that specific purpose.

It draws curiosity and intrigue as singles stars adjust to a partner and the different strategies and techniques involved with doubles. Last year’s Laver Cup provided several memorable and comical moments when Federer partnered with Rafael Nadal for the first time. It was an unmitigated hit, and they won.

Odds are Federer will play the deuce side to take advantage of his world-class forehand, while Djokovic will play the ad side to do the same with his rock-solid backhand. But that’s just a guess.

The Laver Cup is a 3-day indoor competition between the top men’s singles players in the world, held this year in Chicago at the United Center.

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