Andy Murray’s Top Ten Shots

Following on from the top 10 list of Andy Murray’s best matches, here we look at Top shots by Andy Murray.

Disclaimer: These are the ones I believe are the best, others are free to disagree.

Starting again earlier in his career, the shot we look at first is from 2010 in Melbourne. Playing against Marin Cilic, Andy Murray was showing his tennis brain and his ability and willingness to run anything down.

Others have done a similar shot, however Murray was one of the first.

3 Against 1

At the World Tour Finals in 2014 Roger Federer withdrew from the final against Novak Djokovic leaving no match to take place.

Murray stepped in when he received a call from the tournament organizer and played an exhibition match against Djokovic. After that a fun doubles exhibition took place.

Murray and John McEnroe against Pat Cash and Tim Henman, at least that was the plan. Part way through McEnroe went to the other side of the net. Murray still won the point

Do you hear the drums Fernando

During the run to the 2013 Wimbledon title, Murray came across Fernando Verdasco. The Spaniard managed to take the first two sets, forcing the Brit into a comeback.

During the second set, with Verdasco serving for the set, the pair engaged in a 28 shot rally. The winner hit by the Brit was sublime. Unfortunately the Spaniard still won the set, but as we know Murray pulled it back and went to claim the title.

Maths and Angles

What is the point of angles? Some people struggle with Maths and especially geometry. Murray certainly doesn’t have any problems with angles, some he manages to create seem impossible if not improbable.

Run, Run as fast as you can

Gilles Simon in Vienna 2016 tried to get the better of Murray. Making him run all over the court, and then hit a drop shot. Little was he expecting the Brit to chase it down, make it and return the shot over the net. That is exactly what Murray did.

Anything you can do

James Blake was facing Murray in the 2009 AEGON Championship final, with Murray serving to stay in the set. The American tried to drop shot the Brit, to try and force deuce. Murray was equal to it though and Blake could only stand and watch.

Talking of drop shots

Whilst on the subject of drop shots, as defending Champion Murray went in to Wimbledon 2014 looking for back to back titles. As it transpires, it didn’t turn out that way as he went out in the quarter-finals. However, before he got to that point he came across Kevin Anderson. The Brit produced this astounding drop shot.

Tag you’re hit

Going into Wimbledon 2013, Murray was on the back of a win at AEGON Championship. After that victory the Brit organised the Rally for Bally and first up was a doubles match between GBR (represented by Murray and Tim Henman) against Czech Repbulic (Represented by Ivan Lendl and Tomas Berdych).

Of course the Brits won, but during the course of the match, Murray tagged Lendl and it was seriously amusing – even Lendl thought so. You can see that Murray enjoyed it.

This brings us to the top two. Both of which happen to be on clay, the surface Brits have never usually been very good on. Murray impressed with the improvements he managed to make to his clay court game.

“He was in Milan when he hit it”

When Murray beat Djokovic in the Rome Masters final 2016 in straight sets, it was almost unbelievable. However, the match point to secure the win was one of the best shots I’ve ever seen. Murray was so far out of the court when he connected with the ball that the return was not expected. Hence a commentator at the time saying the line above.

History is made in Belgium

There is only one shot that I could ever use for the top shot, it was always the obvious choice. Made even more special as I was there to witness it. Davis Cup final, Ghent, Belgium. GB were up two to one in rubbers, with only one more match needed to claim the trophy. Something that Britain had not managed to do since 1936.

The final rally, the backhand top spin lob to win it. There could be no other choice as the best Murray shot in my view.

Making this selection was tricky, Murray has hit some amazing and impressive shots throughout his career. These were the ones that I finally decided on, showing a wide range of skill.

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