Nitto ATP Finals Day 6 Predictions: Rafael Nadal vs Stefanos Tsitsipas and Daniil Medvedev vs Alexander Zverev

Nitto ATP Finals Stefanos Tsitsipas

We are up to the final day of group matches at the Nitto ATP Finals. No one has quite locked up a semifinal spot yet, and all four players are eligible to reach the semis. Who will move on out of this group? Let’s look at the matches.

Nitto ATP Finals Day 6 Predictions

Daniil Medvedev vs Alexander Zverev

Head-to-head: 4-1 Zverev

It’s hard to imagine Medvedev coming back from his heartbreaking loss to Nadal on Wednesday. The Russian has had an incredible season, but he should have won that match. It will weigh heavily in his mind. If he can find a way to win this match in straight sets, then all he’ll need to advance to the semifinals is a Nadal straight-sets loss. It’s definitely something to play for, but I really don’t think he’ll be over his loss to fast.

Zverev played amazing tennis in his opening match to defeat Nadal, but was just outworked by Tsitsipas in his last match. Still, I think his solid play will move him through, and into the semifinals.
Prediction: Zverev in 2

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Rafael Nadal vs Stefanos Tsitsipas

Head-to-head: 4-1 Nadal

Nadal is coming off a grueling and emotional win over Medvedev. The Spaniard has never had a problem coming back after emotional matches, but he has rarely had to play someone like Tsitsipas afterwards. The Greek has beaten Nadal once in his career, but never on a hard court. Tsitsipas was also playing amazing tennis in Canada last year before being cut down by Nadal.

Still, Tsitsipas is fresher this tournament, has been playing incredible tennis, and has put less time on court. Beating Nadal is always tough, but I think Tsitsipas has the game for it, and it will show in the final set.
Prediction: Tsitsipas in 3

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  1. Zverev 2-0? No. Medvedev will play against a player he is used to beat (4-1) and he will answer this for sure. Medvedev knows what remains to be done, I do not see Medvedev not react after his terrible disillusionment against Nadal. The Russian will not have his fate in his hands since his survival in this Masters will also depend on the match Tsitsipas – Nadal; unconsciously it will remove pressure, which will allow him to play relaxed. But Medvedev plays admirably well when he cogitates as little as possible. Zverev will have his destiny only in his hands and it can disturb him as much as mentally, Zverev is not much less feverish than Medvedev. For me Medvedev advantage.

  2. Seb lol medvedev is already out, when you lost 2 times there’s no hopes of qualifying!
    I think Tsitsi will not really fight like Thiem yesterday to rest for the semi, Nadal should win and have hope that Zverev will lose later (but medve has not motivation to win really).

  3. nadal plays first and if nadal wins medvedev will be out , that can affect medvedev motivation for the match against zverev, despite medvedev needs the points to be 4 th seed in AO next year ,he is still in front but thiem can still catch him,
    it will be a test to medvedev mental strenght after the choke against nadal

  4. precisely the prediction is incoherent. If the first prediction is “Tsitsipas who wins”, there is very little chance of winning Zverev 2-0 because in a possible victory for Tsitsipas, Medvedev would fight like a dog. The prediction is twisted.

  5. I find the predictions on this site are usually wrong. Here again prediction Tsitsipas in three. Wrong again. I think of all the predictions only one has been correct. Call themselves pundits.!! I can do as well myself.


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